Total Property Management

Since 1996, Total Property Management has been providing comprehensive landscape and lawn care services throughout East Tennessee. What started as two guys and a few pieces of equipment has now grown into one of the fastest growing, locally-owned businesses in the area. The Company’s success is due to a “community first” approach where we put an emphasis on never compromising quality and brand in exchange for short-term returns. Companies like TPM don’t appear overnight and our dedication to running our business the right way has put us in a position where we truly can offer absolute top quality service at a competitive price.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, whether you have a small project in mind or you have a continual service need, TPM has the quality and capacity to fit those needs into an affordable and timely service that will meet or exceed your expectations. Landscaping, lawn care, construction, utilities and anything else you have in mind; we can do it, at a competitive price with excellent quality.

Apply Now For A New Career!

We are activily looking for new talented, career driven employees in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas for:

Construction Foreman-must have leadership experience as well as well-rounded experience in general construction.

-Landscape Foreman-must have leadership experience in either landscaping or related work.

Other qualifications: Strong work ethic, positive attitude, desire to grow and develop, attention to quality and detail, solid attendance.

Click on our “Careers” link to get started today!